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A breakdown of landlord responsibilities regarding tenants

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Real Estate |

One tried-and-true way to earn extra income is to become the landlord of a Connecticut residential property. To keep tenants happy and remain on the right side of the law, landlords have to make themselves fully aware of their legal responsibilities in regard to tenants.

To help with this endeavor, Rentec Direct lays out some of the most pressing landlord obligations. Knowing where legal pitfalls are is the best way to avoid them.

Legal lease 

Any lease a tenant signs needs to adhere to the most recent laws, regulations and the like. Speaking with a legal professional regarding clauses, disclosures and other such details is a great idea. The right lease offers equal protection for landlords and tenants alike.

Fair Housing laws 

Fair Housing laws prevent discrimination as landlords decide on new tenants, create rules for their residences and get the word out about vacancies. Property owners have to follow such laws; otherwise, they open themselves up to a potential lawsuit. U.S. News & World Report notes that the Fair Housing Act prevents landlords from discriminating against applicants based on their sex, nationality, race or disability.


Rental leases must disclose whether a unit has lead paint, mold, any type of contamination or any other potential hazard. The law also requires landlords to inform potential tenants if someone died in their desired unit before that person moves in. Additionally, leases have to disclose whether a sex offender lives on the property.

Tenants’ rights

Technically, landlords are not legally obligated to know tenants’ rights, but it is a good idea for them to brush up on them anyway. That way, knowledgeable tenants do not feel taken advantage of. Additionally, landlords aware of tenants’ rights can make residents feel taken care of by keeping those rights in mind during the course of business.