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How should I approach social media during divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Social media rules the lives of most people. While it’s fun to share updates when your life is going great, social media can suddenly become hazardous when you’re going through a divorce. The posts you make can come back to haunt you, especially from a legal perspective. Prevention explains a few of the social media practices that must be avoided during a divorce. 

When there is a contentious custody battle between you and your ex, social media posts can be submitted as evidence during your hearing. Judges have very particular standards when it comes to awarding custody, and pictures of a parent in a compromising situation may affect the judge’s decision, whether right or wrong. Social media can also incriminate spouses in other ways. If one is attempting to conceal income but boasts about making big purchases online, it’s likely that any spousal support agreement will take that into account. 

It might be tempting to vent about your ex to your friends online. If your children are also on social media, think about the impact your words will have on them. Kids are quite affected when parents bash each other verbally, to the point where the parental relationship may be impacted. Making negative posts about an ex can also make friends and family feel uncomfortable, or as though they must take sides in the dispute. 

Spying on your ex via social media can have personal and legal consequences. When you spend time keeping tabs on your former spouse, you’re neglecting your life and the things you care about. You’re also obsessing over a situation you can’t change, which will only serve to make you feel even worse. If you attempt to break into an ex’s social media account, you could also be subject to legal action.