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Plan summer vacation schedules during divorce

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Family Law |

A detailed child custody agreement can help Connecticut parents ensure they spend enough time with their children after divorce. 

Make sure to include a comprehensive summer vacation schedule to maximize family time. 

Comprehensive plan 

Divorce Magazine recommends detailing as many items as possible about summer vacation in the custody agreement. Parents want to ensure they build in time for kids to be away from both parents such as summer camps. Planning for this time ensures that neither parent misses out on time with the kids. 

The rotation of time on the calendar should include whether the holidays rotate from year to year, how long the child can spend with each parent without seeing the other and when the parties must choose their time. Some families may choose a set rotation schedule while others may opt to alternate years picking time first. Younger children often cannot spend more than two weeks away from either parent. 

Good communication 

Woman’s Divorce recommends split couples share their itineraries with each other. By staying informed about the other parent’s plans, parents can feel more comfortable about their children being away. Itineraries can include general or detailed information depending on the level of trust between couples. 

When creating the agreement, it is a good idea to decide whether or not each parent must obtain written permission from the other to take a child out of state. This can prevent unplanned interruptions from a parent who changes their minds about the vacation plans at the last minute. 

Good communication and a detailed agreement can help keep parents focused on enjoying their summer plans with their children.