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What obligations do store owners have to keep customers safe?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Personal Injury |

While shopping in a Connecticut store, you sustained an injury. You feel uncertain about whether the store owner bears responsibility for the harm you suffered, so you do not know if you have a personal injury case.

Chron describes safety factors that business owners must address to protect customers. Determine whether the store owner should have done more to keep you safe.

Proper lighting

Perhaps you hurt yourself because you could not see a hazard in a store aisle. Business owners must balance their desire for lighting ambiance with adequate lighting.

Overlooked hazards

Store owners must survey their premises for hazards. Even if a store has proper lighting, you may still slip and fall on an untended spill, stumble on uneven floors or trip over a box.

Poor air quality

Rather than a slip-and-fall injury, you suffered a respiratory injury because of a store owner’s negligence. Stores inside malls or other buildings require proper ventilation to improve indoor air quality. You may suffer respiratory issues because of bacteria, dust, mold or fungus swirling in the air. Ask the business owner whether she or he uses a functional mechanical air system to purify the air.


Did you sustain your injury during a crime that happened at a store? Business owners must take measures to prevent crimes from happening inside their premises. Even if an in-store hazard did not cause you harm, you may have a claim if you became injured during a store robbery or another crime.

Explore all avenues for receiving compensation for medical bills and lost wages resulting from a storekeeper’s negligence. Knowledge of premises liability laws may help build your case.