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How can mediation reduce stress during a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Family Law |

While many people may think of courts and long procedures when thinking about divorce, not all marriages end that way.

Mediation can be a less stressful but equally beneficial way to save effort and time while divorcing. Knowing if this strategy is right for you can help you and your ex-spouse focus on collaborating and communicating directly with each other instead of fighting.

Facilitates a respectful discussion

According to Psychology Today, many people find it easy to talk openly when a third party guides their discussion. Tough topics like childcare and asset division may lead to arguments between ex-spouses. Having a mediator present helps keep you both on topic and also allows you to create a unique agreement that you could not craft in a courtroom.

Keeps your information confidential

While public court systems usually publish a record of your divorce, mediation is more confidential. This privacy can help you and your ex-spouse both to feel more relaxed and open about whatever your final decision is.

If you value privacy, it may be worth it to choose this direction. This kind of divorce is also more flexible. You could spend less time or more time on each issue since you can set the pace for how the process proceeds.

Focuses on collaboration

Mediation reminds you to take the other person’s needs into consideration while discussing issues like alimony and making a child care plan. This can help you have a more respectful conversation, instead of focusing solely on pitting you against your ex-spouse in order to defend your position. Mediation helps you stay transparent and honest while discussing important topics.