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The potential benefits to accepting a plea deal

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If you are charged with a crime by Connecticut authorities, there is a chance that your case will go to trial. However, there is also a chance that you’ll receive a plea deal before that happens. You should take a closer look at the potential benefits of accepting such a deal.

You may be able to avoid jail time

If you are facing relatively minor charges, it may be possible to avoid jail time in exchange for a guilty plea. It’s also possible that the prosecutor will drop the most serious charges in your case in exchange for admitting that you committed a lesser crime. Ultimately, accepting the terms of a prosecutor’s offer could allow you to go back to your family and job in a timely manner.

Your case will be resolved in less time

Even if a plea deal does include jail time, it can still be in your best interest to know your fate as quickly as possible. If you are like most defendants, being forced to wait several months or years to learn what your future holds may be more difficult than serving out your sentence. It’s also important to note that the prosecutor in your case may pursue a harsher punishment if you refuse a plea deal in favor of taking the matter to trial. Your criminal law attorney may explain the potential pros and cons of taking a plea deal instead of opting for a trial.

Accepting a plea deal may allow you to obtain a favorable outcome in your case in a relatively short period of time. It might allow you to keep a job, retain custody of your kids, or otherwise prevent a significant interruption to your life compared to going to trial.