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Common reasons to ask for child support modifications

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Family Law |

Connecticut parents who have gotten divorced should have a child support order as part of their divorce agreement. However, there are certain situations that warrant modifying your original support order.

A parent has lost their job

A common reason to request child support modifications is that one parent has lost their job. It might be necessary regardless of which parent is the one in that situation. However, if the individual receives unemployment insurance, it could help fill in the support.

A change of income

A change of income, in general, could mean you need modifications to the original support order. A parent who receives the support and suddenly earns more money could see the child support amount they receive decreasing. Likewise, the paying parent might be required to pay more if they suddenly receive a significant pay raise. The opposite of either scenario could stand true as well.

A parent or child has health problems

If a parent or child suddenly develops health problems or a disability, it could impact child support and a modification might be necessary. It’s possible that the parent would not be able to continue paying as much or even work depending on their situation.

The child’s health might mean the existing child support order is no longer enough to accommodate their medical care. The parent receiving the support might have to request a child support modification from the court.

The child’s needs have changed

Over time, as the child ages, it’s natural for their needs to change. Teens don’t have the same needs as younger children. It’s common for older kids to need extra support to accommodate their education and extracurricular activities. Whatever the case, the parent could make a request to the court.

These are the most common reasons to request child support modification.