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Large EVs and the dangers they pose

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Injuries, Personal Injury |

Electric vehicles seem poised to be the future of transportation, as evidenced by the growing number of SUVs and pickup trucks powered by batteries. Larger vehicles often cause accidents on Connecticut roads, and some concerns exist about the potential increased dangers associated with heavier EV models. Driver negligence combined with a heavy vehicle could result in severe injuries.

Large EVs and dangers

Pickup trucks and SUVs present dangers to smaller cars, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians regardless of what powers them. Mass and weight add to the dangers, which increase when a large vehicle carries a heavy battery. A massive electric battery powered-pickup truck could inflict more damage than a lighter model, as the excess weight could crush anything underneath it. Lighter models could inflict weight-induced damage, but larger vehicles weighing between 6,000 and 9,000 lbs might cause even more.

Pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles come with designs that add responsibilities to their drivers’ shoulders. For some, these large vehicles could have greater blind spots than smaller ones. Therefore, drivers must be more careful when turning or backing up. Not every driver is cautious, and such a lack of care may lead to an accident.

Negligence and the massive EVs

Electric vehicles, like other vehicles, could come with design and manufacturer flaws that make them dangerous. However, most collision incidents result from a driver’s negligence or outright reckless behavior. The added weight from an EV’s battery could cause more severe harm, such as broken bones that prompt personal injury lawsuits. Ultimately, the driver may be the only party responsible.

Any party responsible for someone else’s injuries or property loss could face a civil claim. With automobile accidents, victims often file insurance claims, although these suits may still go to trial when the victims seek substantially more than the policy limits.