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Helping You Resolve Family Law Issues Through Mediation And Collaborative Law

The techniques of mediation and collaborative law can produce positive outcomes for people dealing with the issues of divorce, child custody, visitation, property division and spousal support. They can serve to reduce emotional conflicts and enable both parties to look forward, rather than backward. Mediation and collaborative divorce can also resolve problems more efficiently and with lower legal costs, compared with divorce litigation.

The use of mediation and collaborative law is not appropriate in every situation. But for a significant number of people, these alternative dispute resolution techniques can provide an effective means for solving family law problems.

Torrington Mediation And Collaborative Law Attorney

Steven H. Levy is a trained mediator and practitioner in collaborative law. He also represents clients as review counsel for other mediators. As a family law attorney, he has extensive experience using these techniques to achieve positive solutions in matters involving child custody and visitation, property division and spousal support.

In a free initial consultation, Attorney Levy can explain how these techniques work and help you decide if they are appropriate given your situation.

The Mediation Process

A neutral mediator conducts one or more mediation sessions in which the mediator identifies areas of agreement and disagreement. In an open discussion, the mediator then tries to guide the parties to a solution that is fair and acceptable to both parties. Each party is represented by a lawyer who can provide counsel and protect the rights and interests of the client.

Mediation and collaborative law can be particularly beneficial in matters involving child custody and parenting time, by establishing common ground and fostering a spirit of cooperation in child-rearing duties.

Collaborative Law Solutions For Family Law Problems

In many respects, collaborative law is similar to mediation but the process does not require the presence of a mediator. Instead, the parties and their attorneys conduct the process themselves, by engaging in an open and nonconfrontational negotiation. Gradually, the parties identify a possible solution and discuss its aspects before agreeing on that solution.

By choosing mediation or collaborative law, the parties to a family law dispute agree to use the technique to reach an agreement. If the process breaks down, the parties can then resort to traditional divorce negotiation or litigation.

Learn More About Mediation And Collaborative Law

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