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Protecting Your Child’s Future Against Criminal Charges

College is a momentous time in your child’s life, providing them with the foundation of their future careers. However, an arrest for a criminal offense could put their education, reputation and career prospects all in jeopardy.

At The Law Offices of Conti, Levy, Salerno & Antonio, LLC, our attorneys are experienced in taking on cases involving college students across Connecticut, particularly at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. Do not let a one-time mistake leave your child with a permanent criminal record. We will protect their rights and freedom.

We Defend Students Accused Of Any Crime

Criminal charges carry severe consequences. Our lawyers represent college students accused of a wide array of crimes, including:

No matter the charge, our lawyers are committed to upholding the rights of your child and providing them with a dedicated defense.

The Importance Of A Clean Criminal Record

A criminal record can do more than limit your child’s future employment options. It can also affect their ability to get into graduate school, apply for housing, obtain a professional license and much more. Criminal charges can also lead to significant consequences at school, such as a suspension or expulsion.

Consulting with our attorneys immediately after an arrest and before any school hearings is crucial to strengthen the case of your child. As former prosecutors, we understand how courts view such cases. We will work to arrive at an optimal resolution through addressing weaknesses in the case against them or proposing an alternative solution or program to keep your child out of jail and with a clean record.

Don’t Let a One-Time Mistake Affect The Bright Future Of Your Child

Whether your child faces expulsion, jail time or more, our criminal defense lawyers are prepared to discuss their options to move forward from this. Contact our office in Torrington to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us at 860-866-4637 or reach out to us online.