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Defending Students From Suspension Or Expulsion

As a parent, you want the best for your child. So if he or she is threatened with expulsion, you need to take action to protect your child’s rights, including the right to get an education.

William A. Conti and Robert A. Salerno provide representation on behalf of juveniles who have gotten into trouble with the law. In addition to offering juvenile criminal defense services, they defend juveniles who are facing the possibility of school expulsion.

Attorney Conti argued before the Connecticut Supreme Court in the landmark case of Packer v. Board of Education of the Town of Thomaston. In that case, the Connecticut Supreme Court held that it was not constitutionally permissible for the Thomaston School District to expel a student who was arrested off campus with marijuana during a traffic stop.

An Experienced Juvenile Justice Advocate

Our law firm also defends juveniles in related criminal matters such as drug possession, alcohol-related offenses, vandalism, theft and shoplifting. The good news for juveniles who have been arrested is that Connecticut takes a rehabilitation approach in juvenile cases whenever possible. William A. Conti has helped many young people avoid the more serious consequences of their actions. In many cases, this involves negotiating an agreement with the prosecutor that addresses underlying problems through psychological counseling or treatment for drug or alcohol abuse.

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