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Protecting Your Rights And Safety In Cases Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence issues are extremely sensitive, with complicated emotions involved. At The Law Offices of Conti, Levy, Salerno & Antonio, LLC, we are uniquely situated to undertake cases involving domestic violence or abuse. We are both a family law and a criminal defense firm. Given this, we have the experience to represent both victims of abuse and those facing accusations.

The Importance Of Seeking A Protective Or Restraining Order

Seeking a protective order is often the first step to take action on domestic violence. While such orders cannot guarantee the violence will stop, failure to comply with such orders is a criminal offense. In Connecticut, if you have experienced ongoing threats of physical abuse by a family or household member, you can request a:

  • Restraining order. This civil action does not require the arrest of the accused aggressor and can last up to one year, or however long the court deems necessary.
  • Protective order. This order is pursued in cases where the aggressor was arrested for certain crimes. It typically remains in force while the criminal case proceeds.
  • Criminal protective order. This order is pursued when the aggressor was convicted of certain crimes. It can stay in force for as long as the court deems necessary.

Each order bars the aggressor from physically harming, assaulting, attacking or entering the home of the victim in any way. They also extend to protect minor children and animals of the victim.

How An Attorney Can Assist In Pursuing Action

Choosing to come forward and pursue any sort of action against a family member is an extremely difficult and frightening decision. Our attorneys have decades of experience in undertaking such cases and approach each situation with the compassion, personalized attention and advocacy that you need.

Defense Against Those Accused Of Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, false accusations of domestic violence do occur. This can be especially prevalent in the middle of a contentious divorce proceeding or custody dispute. Your reputation and rights are all at stake in such cases. It is crucial to contact a lawyer as soon as possible and not to contact the victim. By carefully examining the evidence and case against you, we will fight for your rights.

Dedicated Guidance When Much Is At Stake

Our lawyers can provide skilled representation through a challenging time. We offer free initial consultations at our office in Torrington. Get in contact with us by calling 860-866-4637 or by emailing us.