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Can a back injury hurt your ability to work?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Connecticut workers like you often push yourself while on the job. You may end up facing physical harm due to the conditions of your work. For example, back injuries can happen to anyone in any position that requires you to lift items.

But are back injuries something you need to worry about? Or are they short-term problems that you can solve just by taking a little time off work to recover?

The physical impact of back injuries

Mayo Clinic discusses the causes of back pain in workers, many of whom suffer from extensive pain due to injuries received on the job. Back injuries can vary in severity, with some injuries taking weeks to recover and others taking years.

But one similarity most back injuries share is the lasting impact they have on the average worker’s life. You need a healthy, strong back to do many different types of work. Even sitting at a desk and typing at a computer all day requires a lot of back strength. When your back gets injured, you compromise its strength. And sometimes, this compromise is long-term.

A long recovery process

You can regain strength and health over time, but this often takes years and involves physical therapy. In the time it takes you to recover, you may miss months of work. When you return to your job, you may not immediately be able to pick up where you left off, either.

This is often off-putting to employers, who tend to stick workers with back injuries on lower-risk and lower-paid jobs. This is often not enough to offset the continued cost of therapy and medicine. In turn, this is why many people in your shoes pursue worker’s compensation.