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Top questions to ask a potential real estate attorney

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Real Estate |

There are certain questions about real estate that you cannot figure out on your own. Your best option is to hire a lawyer in Connecticut, but you cannot guarantee that the professional you hire will know what to do either. So, there are questions to ask every real estate attorney that you may hire.

Tell me about your experience

More important than education is the lawyer’s level of experience. For a complicated case, you need an attorney who has handled cases that meet or exceed the level of complexity. Ask for the details of cases that have involved specific local, state and federal laws and what the outcomes were.

How familiar are you with local real estate laws?

Laws about real estate vary widely in every legal jurisdiction. Property laws in one city may be the opposite in a nearby town. A lawyer should provide a general overview of the local and state laws and how they apply to your situation.

Can you work with realtors?

A real estate attorney is your connection to realtors. This professional steps in to offer negotiations and improve communications between you and other real estate professionals. While you are willing to give up and walk away from a good deal, your lawyer will offer more professional solutions.

Getting to know your lawyer

Hiring a real estate attorney is recommended when you’re having a problem with buying or selling property. A professional also gives you advice on how to find the right investment before you start the process. Since every lawyer has different fields of expertise and levels of experience, there are certain questions that you’re encouraged to ask first.