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Can you get arrested if someone brings drugs to your house party?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

There’s nothing quite like a good party after a stressful academic week. But with alcohol and drugs, college house parties can quickly spiral out of control. In addition, if the police break up the party and find illegal substances, you, as the host, could be in serious legal trouble.

What charges can a party host face?

Once the party starts, it can be challenging to keep things in order. Blasting music, multiple cars parked in your driveway and a noisy crowd can call the attention of the authorities.

You might be in trouble once the police arrive. Connecticut’s social host law holds the host or homeowner responsible for the actions of their visitors. If there were underage guests and alcohol at the party, you could face charges for serving alcohol to minors.

Furthermore, even if you did not supply any drugs at the party, you may be arrested for possession if one of your visitors left theirs lying around your house.

What can you do when the police arrive?

Once the police arrive, they’ll want to speak with you, the host, about noise concerns. However, they could also feel compelled to search the house if they believe illegal drug use or underage drinking is going on. You can refuse entry unless the police have a warrant or reasonable cause to suspect illegal activity.

In case they start asking questions, you do not have to answer apart from providing basic information. You can say that you won’t talk until you have a lawyer present. However, remember to stay respectful; you don’t want to provoke the police while you’re already in hot water.

What started as a night of partying can quickly turn into a scary and uncomfortable situation. Drug possession charges are very serious and could ruin your future. When dealing with the authorities, it’s advisable to consult an attorney; however, you might also ask your parents first for guidance.